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  1. thank you!... have an appointment today.... scared
  2. thank you dreamster and anyone else
  3. Hi, Could I please get a lot of prayer for my teeth. I'm really worried The dentist rang up today and said the x-ray really shocked them and that there are a lot of decay/ problems and they want to get me in straight away for all these appointments. I know my overall poor health has been affecting my teeth... could you please pray for a supernatural miracle of all my teeth to be healed of all decay... I feel I really need it. I don't want to lose my teeth either.
  4. thanks for the good tips guys, appreciate it :) That's interesting they only trick or treat for a certain 'hour' at night - I don't think we have a set time here.
  5. Hi all :) I was just wondering how you guys deal with Halloween if you get children coming to your door what do you do or say? Our daughter understands that we don't celebrate it, but sometimes it is hard if other children, especially her cousins might come to the door. We are in Australia, so it has only just started to be celebrated here, but is getting more intense each year. Previously if anyone knocked I was just nice to the kids but said "I'm sorry but we don't celebrate Halloween and so we don't have any candy in the house (which was true)". It just feels like giving candy is partaking in it to some degree and I don't believe in encouraging it.
  6. Wow - thank you sooo much AStra, you have been amazing; everything you say makes sense and really speaks to me. You are right, I have been focusing too much on 'what to do to get healed' rather than focusing on Jesus and resting in Him. And yes, I think I have misinterpreted 1 Peter 2:24 the way you explained - thank you. I just want these truths to sink in deep in my heart so I won't be moved. One thing I have always wondered, (don't feel you have to answer this) is... is receiving healing just the same as receiving any other promise from God? For example, we pray for supernatural favour for my husband in his work and all goes extremely well, and so many of our prayers are answered every day, like for our child at school and for pay increases etc. Is it just that we 'make' healing seem more difficult to attain because it's so ingrained in us that we have been raised to accept it? Or perhaps too because it so directly affects how our flesh feels that it can be a challenge to believe in Gods healing power (like Job being afflicted lastly with poor health as the final test)?? I pray all goes very well with your daughter starting college; can understand why you would miss her so much. I'm sure the Lord has her in the palm of His hand. thanks again for everything
  7. WOW, Astra, everything you have been saying has been so helpful, thank you so much, I appreciate all your time in writing to me:) If it's not too much trouble I'd love to know some more good preachers to listen to on healing, thx. You were spot on with your comments - I do need to learn to RELAX ! Do you (or anyone else) have any advice on what to say to a child (11yrs old - who does believe that God is our Healer) on why a healing hasn't manifested yet for a child after a few years.? thanks again for sharing everything, God bless you p.s. I love your profile picture; very pretty :)
  8. Thank you sooo much Astra for taking the time to write all that - that was all very helpful. I really appreciate you suggesting to pray the Ephesian prayers (that really stood out for me too) as I started doing that after reading about it in 'The Believers Authority' book by Kenneth Hagin awhile ago, but then forgot about it. Your personal testimony is very inspiring indeed; do you mind me asking, did you still do what you could to help yourself in the natural as far as treatment goes whilst you were standing on the promise for healing? And if anyone did ever say 'I'm sorry you are not well', or 'how are you feeling' - how would you respond? And thank you Cholette also for your understanding, prayers and encouragement. thanks guys, you are such a blessing.
  9. Hi again Cholette - I just wanted to apologize for being a bit negative in my last post. I admire your steadfast faith Cholette and always find what you write to be inspiring - thank you. Guess I've been finding it a bit of a challenge lately to keep my eyes off my physical health circumstances. How do you do that from a practical point or is it more of how you see yourself? I find that sickness is usually on my mind most of the day, I usually think things like 'how can i get rid of this, what am I doing wrong, should i be praying more, decreeing more', etc. etc. Also, when you have a child with long term health issues I find it hard to not 'speak it' over her. For example I often say 'we have to rest today so you can do this tomorrow'. I'm worried I'm saying too much negative stuff and teaching her how to be sick instead of the other way around; but aren't sure what to say instead so it's not negative. Anyway, thank you for all your input.
  10. Thanks Cholette for your response too, appreciate it and yes that makes sense. I think it is easier to say that in your heart the curses don't exist to even touch you when you haven't been extremely ill with it your whole life. We all have particular areas that are more of a struggle for us. I have no problem walking in pretty much every other area, I know my 'rights' as a Christian. Healing has just been a tough one for me and my daughter - it seems to be the area where Satan attacks us. I guess I can understand how Job felt. There is something extra hard I think when you are sick because it so directly affects how you feel, it is even harder to keep your eyes off your circumstanes and on Jesus. I know Jesus died for my healing. And learning how to receive healing for my child when I haven't fully healed myself - well, that's totally new territory for me. I wish I would have had these spiritual truths BEFORE we both got sick too.
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