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  1. Just because music isn't filed under the "Christian" genre, it does not mean that God does not enjoy or like that music. It will be obvious which music is not acceptable and which music is acceptable by the over all message it sends... also beware believing that everything you hear under the "Christian" genre is acceptable. We should be more discerning than that (and I think you are). "Christians" are a niche market. Remember that. That being said, if certain music is good enough for God to speak through to you, then how can you fear the judgment of others regarding the truth? Of course God speaks to us in many different ways all the time. There is no doubt about it. I used to think that I was developing multiple personalities(back before I learned that man's science had fouled up defining ailments). The reality is, I eventually learned, that my thoughts are not all my own. And I haven't seen an end to the number of different ways that these thoughts come across. Music is easily one of the more common methods of communication. And yes, it is still a special gift; but no, you're not entirely alone. It can be easy to hope "I wonder how special I am!" When your name is Tarzan, it is easy to have bouts and doubts concerning conformity, anyway.
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