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  1. because i started to think about the lambs and the goats sermon from jesus and other things that still shows that, and thanks for the reply
  2. thats sorta what i was thinking because i was watching a program on tv from a pastor that says the old law is done with and we dont live by it anymore or something, thats what made me dig into this
  3. hey i want to know about the holy spirit i know hes with me but i want to fully understand on how he works what does he do and just everything about him please post scripture or testamonies or anything that has to do with him. thanks.
  4. ok now jesus said i have not come to destroy the law but fufill it. so in romans it says that we are not under the law but under grace. so i have made a conclusion that we still live by the old law but we are not affected by it because we are under grace, i need advice on this because this is very interesting to me and i think i got it but im not sure.
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