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  1. Wow God is amazing he really is. I'm only 22 and not married, I'm not ready for motherhood yet. But subconsciously I worry sometimes about my fertility due to some problems I have. It's funny because everyone says that they see me having a son first, when I marry and settle down in the future. I hope this vision manifests, it felt so real. Especially the way I instantly knew he was mine and the surge of love I felt when I saw him. I do wonder why i was shown this now though, as I don't think I'll be a mother anytime soon.
  2. @cholette aww Olivia is a beautiful name. Have you received visions and dreams like this before, and have they ever manifested. I was just so shocked it has never happened to me before.
  3. @daphanie02 wow what a testimony, we give God the glory. It just goes to show that no matter how hard the devil tries, he can never steal what God has promised us especially if we remain in him. Does your son look like the little boy you was shown in your vision? Yes I can't wait to receive the revelation of my sons name, I do wonder if its literal or not. I was just shocked I received this vision, it was like it interrupted my prayers and came so suddenly. I'm very grateful God showed me this and I can't wait until the appointed time for him to be born.
  4. Hi guys I was praying about my final exams and my prayers were suddenly interrupted. I suddenly say a big white bed with a little boy crawling towards me smiling. I instantly knew he was my son and the words " his name is Isaiah "repeated to me three times. I was scared as I was awake and praying when this happened, this has never happened to me before. Can we please pray for revelation why this was shown to me at this time. As I'm not sure why I was shown this.
  5. Thank you for all your advice. I have been still and listened to God. He gave me and my prayer partner dreams unexpectedly of my marriage with the same man as my husband, for some reason my hair was painted gold. A pastor also came up to us and said I look like his wife. I am however just going to concentrate on my walk with God, and let him orchestrate my marriage at the appointed time with the man he ordained for me.
  6. I had a prophecy regarding my marriage. The prophet said it will be more than a marriage but a joining of ministries. He then said he will be a worship minister with a pastors heart. Please pray that this prophecy gets confirmed, and that if it is the man I believe it to be please also pray that Lord reveals this to him also. Thank you guys x
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