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  1. Unless I feel a lot better tomorrow, I'm leaving. Thanks for helping me realize it's never any fun playing with certain of you. I feel bad about leaving some of you, but the only one who I really think it affects is hollow, because I was going to be making some money for our faction ._. Maybe I'll come on and give you the sheep farm. Sorry hollow bye ps eric you're welcome, because no matter how much I went out of my way to appreciate you, even that one time when everyone was mad at you but me, you really never have cared about me. ever. and the GOD tag? great idea, very democratic, but I'd rather worship my own God than be bullied by the god of minecraft. Thanks for at least caring about the server, because that's probably the limit of the extent to which you can care for things. bye
  2. What kind of cookie is that? Middle doesn't look good D: middle doesn't look good... IT LOOKS GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAT
  3. Leaving? I do it all the time and the fun part is no one cares!
  4. I'll get some, but I can't get on till friday, long story. But so you know, you don't actually need four jungle saps, since they are kind of rare, just get one jungle sapling and put 3 regular saplings with is as far as I've heard, that works. If you don't do it by friday, I'll do it for you
  5. I am desperate for money ^-^ I take requests, because I am desperate! You name your price and I'll decide if it's worth the labor! Also, I sell colored wools. I can take specific orders, or I can sell you a whole load of mixed colors. I do the math on a calculator and we negotiate a price per stack. If I sell you a load of mixed colors and you were shorted on a specific color, just tell me and I'll get you some of it for free (Customer satisfaction )
  6. I don't think it would be unfair if a gm gave us permission to staright up ban these guys... after all they're "in charge" as long as onion is away and they can make an executive decision to ban people even if they don't break a rule... kind of like quality control of the types that are wanted on the server or not
  7. "testing commands" isn't something we need anyone doing, that's just lying and they're trying to exploit "authority" to get ranked... I'd say ban just beacuse we don't want those people here.
  8. I ate ice cream, watched a youtube video, checked forums, wrote a poem, read wikipedia, watched the simpsons on youtube! still not up T_T
  9. My balance dropped 30k ._. lol zhuge payed me 4k saying it covered it xD I was payed to give zhuge logs, but if I lost the money anyway, I feel like I should keep the logs for myself... @_@
  10. how about 175 monies? FINAL OFFER NO HIGHER
  11. > just remember responsibility is a req for adept... BWAHAHA YOU FELL FOR THE OBVIOUSLY SET TRAP! luckily no one cares
  12. The three of us have as much thankfullness as 10,000 people ^-^
  13. should we enfore a rule then eric? We could say no pupil+ in main except for specific circumstances or something All I know is if we made a rule, the adept+ would have to take more responsibility for helping people move their builds out of main
  14. uh oh........... I DIDN'T CHOOSE TO BE NAMED POPPYMC'TART!!! DON'T HURT ME! it was zhuge or doom xD
  15. I've been pointing that out too ._. someone told me once that Main was where the party was.
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