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  1. well I think I'm going to get going also.... going to go play some games and try to get my brain in sleepy mode! xoxoxo, good to see you , thanks for chatting
  2. lol i know what you mean... we shared a room till I was 18 and then we moved to a bigger house and then i left for university... but its fun, I must say to share room (hey how else would you have pillow fights in the middle of the night hahaha) oh no!! hope he and you recover soon so you can have your girls' night out heehee feel better, and get some rest
  3. Lol, that really sounds familiar!!! I'm much better at languages and every thing else, numbers and me... not a good match!! LOL We were actually quite good girls when we had sleepovers, I remember we wanted to surprise my sister once and we decorated her bed... it was filled with confetti... And she ended up vacuuming it We thought it was a blast, but my sister felt otherwise. I'll take the advice in mind lol lol your poor sister!!!!!!!!!!! my sis and i shared room and we'd talk for hours (well, according to her it was just me talking and she trying to sleep)
  4. lol lol lol! i'm an auntie and half the time I shout things I can't believe I am saying to them!!
  5. i've missed you too, so very much... I often think of you all and want to know how you are but most days I just don't have the energy to translate that into action... but I think of you often i hate that I don't know what's going on in your lives! mine's the same boring boring boring so don't have anything to report!
  6. oh so sorry you are feeling sick! the lad should have stayed home anyway so you could rest! lol never works out that way though does it? those kiddies sound so cute! yes, makes sense, as annoying as that is. I also failed economics once... I just don't get it, my brain balks at these ideas heh
  7. i'm so sorry girls, I posted and then got called away and then decided to go raid the kitchen for something sweet don't know if you're still here but well here are my responses lol I too had to take statistics and then research methods too cos in psychology you have to understand where the research is coming from hi tanya!! its good to be seen hehe the courses sound very interesting... and yep, that's a cute movie!
  8. toulouse- why are you required to take statistics? are you studying journalism?
  9. hi there!! got a chance to drop in again today yeeeehhaaaaa I was (am) terrible with statistics... i'm also bad with math-my brain sees numbers and loses all brain power...
  10. dropping in to say hello! Its almost one pm here and I don't dare leave my room cos once I do my day is no longer mine hee hee so thought I'd stop in here first though I know that weekends are usually quiet hugs and love to all
  11. okay here is post number 20 for me goodnight from me!
  12. oh gosh, be careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get some rest sweety, I'm also about to log off otherwise I'll never get to bed!!
  13. Gill, I'll wait to hit 20 hee hee
  14. You are a lucky girl! My hubby has an iphone i got it him....worst thing i ever did!!! He's completely obsessed andit's become his lifeline too! He even changed the dinner table rule *rolls eyes* but I put my foot down with a firm hand I missed this one Foxy, I have some of those they do come out often but they didn't the week they should .... :negative: to PS good for you! put your foot down!! they are really addictive and I know how annoyed I used to be when my friends would play around with their blackberries all day so I try not to be like that.... but its hard!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh goody, so you'd like a lion? i'm telling you, I have more than I know what to do with and I'd rather not sell them back (they are toooooo cute!!) I've sent you an f/r
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