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  1. Nice items! But I hate it that the new mystery box is CC only
  2. Not really my cup of tea :p But I love the animals!!
  3. Thanks The person below me will get a red blossom!
  4. My favourites are The Little Mermaid and the Aristocats I never really liked Bambi..It's a beautiful movie, but I couldn't watch it cause it made me cry
  5. I used to be a HUGE Charmed-fan I have all the DVDs, the original magazines,.. I was a very big fan My favourite was Piper I think I'm gonna start watching the DVDs again haha
  6. Yesterday I watched the Flinstone Movie haha I loved it
  7. Ok I think it worked Thanks again!!
  8. Thank you I'm such a fool, but where do I add to your rep? I tried to click on 'reputation' but it doesn't work :p
  9. Awww you`re late :C Well,add me for a little prize! And please leave REP after you receive it Aww thanks You're already a friend of mine, I'm Kim with Doris
  10. Owww I'm too late This is a very original contest Lazar!!
  11. You're so kind! I'd love to have the bunny, the bluebird, the squirrel or the snow white bow Thanks again dear
  12. I have the bed dear, do you have the bluebird or the snowwhite headband ?
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