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  1. It's for (yeah ignore,mostly I get ignored here)
  2. I have that color (and plz don't ignore me)
  3. found out that those can be hacked so be careful
  4. I can only offer in 4999 they still sell for 4999s
  5. oops sorry and I will cancel this anyway cuz I just found out that hair dyes can't be gifted
  6. and I can only offer in 4999s
  7. can anyone sell me the black hair wig dye plz I might need 2 if ok and plz leave your offer thank you
  8. thank you falcor from all the forums Ive been you are the first safe trader ref I'ved used ^_^ and thank you too CementSquirrels for the trade
  9. sorry for delays my browser hangged and closed
  10. @CementSquirrels: I have resen't you a new f/r pls accept
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