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  1. Wardrobe-Page 2 Item 1 Chest- Page 7 item 7
  2. T_T can i buy your 14cc for 56x5999 ?
  3. Wanted To Buy The Portrait Bundle So Much Just tell me howmuch please
  4. would like to buy 30 cc for 95 x 5999
  5. well i don't really know offer please of how much you can give with that all please is 5x5999 enough for these 4 items? let me know if its fair or not..or let me know if u r looking for some previous stuffs uhmm can you make it 7x5999 if you do then you got a deal
  6. well.. it depends on the item and payment you will give but im not preety sure cause i really need more rooms and cash items
  7. Eternal White wings Available for Trade [img][/img] here's my pet wearing eternal white wings Would Trade For Secret Rooms and other CC items
  8. confirmed waiting for the items i'll send it to you after i received the payment thx items sent ... sorry for the delay ... i should have send it to you earlier but i have some internet disruptions ... it's ok by the way i've changed my facebook link here to my other account but nothing else will change
  9. confirmed waiting for the items i'll send it to you after i received the payment thx
  10. yep sorry aw... what LE do you need? I can give you a Buzzing Bee Outfit and an Underworld Baby Bat as an additional... well ... ok
  11. I really want the cheschire cat bundle would trade it for 30 x 999
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