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Posts posted by glow88

  1. Need help!! anyone can sell me one?

    I can offer in 3333's and 999's !
    Let me know which is best for u... =)
    I know it might be lots of CC's...
    But Im really a clothes collector / lover! hehe..! Hope someone wud trade with me ^^
    Just let me know ur trading price...


  2. I seriously HATESSSSS dentist...
    But aaa I love eating sweets...and I do not floss!
    LOL! therefore, I do have a lot of bad teeths!!
    and my teeth are not in good shape...so have lots of cavities...!
    LOTSSSS! so I have been fixing all of them...
    Ahhhh its soooo pain!!! (i mean the painkiller) LOL!
    after numb, no pain at all...but I seriously hate the noise...
    every single time when I hear the dentist tools noise, it scares me a lot!
    it just keep making me feel that its really pain...So i seriously hate to go to the dentist!

  3. Hi,

    I am not sure if someone have ask this before , but is there a list of all the trees in PS that can be plant to the tree seeds? I know im outdated but just want to know if im missing any tree =) (what i mean is not those cc tree)

    and I saw in the forum somewhere, there is something call the topiary tree... Can someone please tell me what is that...and it that like a CC's type of tree?

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