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  1. Thanks, some members aren't so happy with prior quotes. Just a quick question because of you previous comment, do you know the reasonening of my account safety reasoning?
  2. Q12: Whats new with the camera? You can now take a photo of your pet... in it's room! Q13: I clicked on fullscreen, pressed 'ESC', but now I can't see the save button! This is a known glitch, and to save you just have to click on 'Add Coins' as this automatically saves the game! Plus, you get to go to the bank as-well! Q14: Can I still get poo? Yeah! Your pet can do it's business! Q15: Whats this new icon? This is the notice board icon! This appears when you have mail, such as gifts! Click on this icon to open your gifts quickly! Q16: How many PawPoints can I get now from doing basic things? Free Activities: Feeding your pet an Apple ~ 5 PP Cleaning your pet (per fly) ~ 1 PP Visiting Neighbours ~ 5 PP Buying Stuff: 5 Coins ~ 1 PP 100 coins ~ 4 PP 200 Coins ~ 8 PP Q17: I fed my Petling, went to a store, came home, but my Petling is still hungry? This is a mini-glitch which you will not loose out on! Just go to the far left of your room using the buttons, and you will see your food there!
  3. Questions and Answers: Q1: To go outside and see your friends houses and bump trees: Click on the Go outside Icon, Click on this area of the new map: Q2: To cook food, the tutorial, and sticker album: Click on the books: Then click on which ever book you want: Q3: Is there a difference in visiting coins with Active and In-Active friends: There is no difference anymore! Pink is female pets and Blue is male pets! You now receive the same coins no matter who you visit (35 coins for your first 50 visits each day, 20 coins for the next 25, and 15 coins thereafter). Q4: To view your hygiene, Paw Points and health: The hygeine depends on how many flys you have flying around your pet. Maximum is 5 flys. You can always check on your Pet Society box on your 'Profile' to check the bar! (You must have the Petsociety Box Added) You Paw-points and health are now at the top of your screen! Q5: Your house icon is relocated: Your house navigation section is now in the bottom right area! Q6:To travel around the world: Click on the 'Go Outside' icon! Q7: I Can't find my seasonal seeds: Click on the 'ALL' tab in the new chest and you will find them! Q8: Where can I un-mute/mute my volume and/or degrade/upgrade the flash graphics? Click on the Configuration Button: And click on the button according to what you want: Full Screen Screen Quality Sound Effects Background Music Language Settings Q9: How to return home from visiting friends? Click on yourself in the friends bar Or click on the 'Go Outside' Icon and click on 'Home' Q10: How to tell the difference between Active and In-Active friends? You will notice that active pets will be awake in the friends bar and in-active friends will be asleep! (Look for the mouth shapes!) Active ^^ Asleep ^^ Q11: How can I go to the bank? Just click on 'Add Coins' below your current amount of coins, and then you'll see our lovely banker!
  4. Question not here? PM me! Welcome to the FAQ for Pet Society after the March 5th Update! Town Map: Index - Icon Meanings: Go outside View your Clothes View your new Chest Take a Photo! Full Screen Screen Quality Sound Effects Background Music Language Settings Save Game!
  5. Don't need to panic esperia. I mean no harm. The admin Lea75 has talk me through everything and we've come to an arrangement. Next time, don't jump to conclusions. You don't know anything about the reasoning behind my safety and you shouldn't start saying I should be banned.
  6. Hello! I'm new (believe it or not) and I'm being forced into giving my facebook link to you guys! I don't want to, I like to keep my privacy! But the mods and admins don't agree I've received some PM's about it but I don't want to give it up. Understand my side admin, understand why I don't want to give it away.
  7. Yeah... I just contacted by an Admin! lol
  8. Oo... Thanks! I have no contacts what so ever to find them! lol
  9. I don't want to have my Facebook link shown though, i like to keep private.
  10. As you know, Haiti was devastated recently by massive earthquakes that struck the region in January. Many of you helped out and donated through our Mercy Corps page and / or by purchasing a Help for Haiti Plushie in game. To say thank you for all of your amazing donations, which Mercy Corps are putting to work in Haiti, you should all receive your very own Haiti Poster!
  11. For the symbol to work in Adobe Flash Pro, it needs to have a set price. Playfish decided to make it a 1cc item instead of a 1gold coin item.
  12. Does anyone have any new CS spoilers?
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