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  1. Luckily, a vet comes around and sees the strugling of the poor creature so he saves it and gives it bigger mandibles and mouth with plastic surgery. This gives the ant the courage to attack and kill everything in sight, but it soon becomes fat and sick of all the consumed but only half-digested crocodile and elephant.
  2. you mean that? if you do, aw shucks merci <3 and aww. i don't have pokemon plush toys but yeah... and yes indeed PKM rocks my socks i'm always stalking the pokemon give-away events at TRU and Gamestop. ROFL True poke fan. And yes, your posted picture does look nice.
  3. What a sexy profile view, Riuna. Pokemon is even more awesome than Chuck Norris. Wish there would be more stuff in Hungary though, I want a Politoed plush.
  4. Mountains I love PixPix for choosing amphibians, rofl.
  5. And he haven't even seen my FB profile picture yet! Super awesomre frog pokemon with mixed water and psychic type moveset. Err... I think I watched way too much Pokemon when I was kid. Edit: Still watch way too much... *hides*
  6. Harry Potter Lizards or amphibians?
  7. I made this one just for you guys. :3 'Cuz we all love mudkips.
  8. I'm not celebrating it as the price for eggs, paint and general easter stuff gone up in the last years, so my family tries to buy a few things for my two younger sister, paint eggs with them and as I'm too old for this anyway I just don't need any of it. Instead I'm trying to save up for a terrarium to keep a few Bombina Orientalis (Oriental Fire Bellied Toad) in it. And of course my empty aquarium will be soon filled again with African Dwarf Frogs. I love frogs. But for those who do celebrate it: Happy Easter folks! May Jeshue Cottontail, the heavenly easter rabbit grant you tons of sweets. I have had to remove you link as it has not been authorised by an admin. Once your link has been removed, you will be able to re-add it Falcor forum moderator
  9. Just checked back. Sorry for the caused problem, as I see you DO take that rule seriously here, I will moderate myself from now on. Talking without profanities... Ouch. Sounds difficult.
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