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  1. I don't think I'd worry to much about losing your stuff if you lose a room... well, if you can get the room back eventually.

    I once accidentally sold the pink playhouse (I wanted to see how much it was worth, but didn't mean to sell it) - I was horrified! playhouse gone, everything in playhouse gone! Then I went through the process of getting a new playhouse... and when I got a new playhouse and stuck it in my house... all the contents were there again, all in the playhouse, just how I left them.

    Weird huh?

  2. I would like to see more hats—hats that look like presents, or big bows, or a pile of christmas lights, or snowmen hats... or a whole outfit that looks like your pet is wearing a big present or a pile of presents... or a tiara of christmas lights, and a blinking rudolf nose!

    I'd like to see a gingerbread theme... which I know was done before—but I'd like to see it from the outside, like a gingerbread forest. Kind of like what was done for halloween with the house in the background and the road leading up to it. And they'd have all these gingerbread items to decorate the yard or forest area with.

    And I'd love to see yard ornaments and decorations - wallpaper that looks like the front of a house at night time, and then all these mechanical snowmen and santas and candycanes, and everything either glows or moves or has little lights on it. then when we visit our pet friends it'll be like going for a drive through the neighborhood looking at christmas lights... from house to house.

    And PS probably likes to keep things neutral, but it'd be nice to see a nativity somewhere. Whether it's a small decor to put on the fireplace mantle, or or a giant glowing yard decor, or something in between.

  3. Thank you to Serenity for sending the black goldfishies!
    Thank you to Megannator for sending me all those meatballs!

    And someone sent me a Japanese bridge/pond.. but once again I have missed who... if I figure it out, I will post... but many thanks to you as well!

  4. Big Thank Yous to
    Chay for the Dalmation Plushie, sauces set, black goldfish and the skeleton dress AND the ghost dress!
    Lisa for the Dalmation Plushie
    Jennifer for the Nerdy Bear
    Ursula for Sauces Set
    Winston for black goldfish

    So very kind of all of you!

  5. ShiShi's Wish List

    1. Nerdy Bear Plushie (was a weekly digging item I missed) Thank you to Jennifer!
    2. Little bamboo fountain thing (from Japanese Garden Mystery Egg)
    3. Dalmation Plushie (released Sep 2, 2010 in GMBs - just haven't managed to get one) Thank you to Lisa and Chay!
    4. Sauces Set (or RMBs) Thank you to Ursula and Chay!
    5. Halloween skeleton shirt or dress, or ghost shirt or dress from past Halloweens Thank you to Chay for skeleton dress AND ghost dress!
    6. black goldfish - the ones from Net A Fish in the little bags Thank you to Winston and Chay!
    7. meatballs - the cheap ones from grocery
    8. Welcome Mat (cc item)

    Thank you so much my generous friends! I hope I got this right, ShiShi was opening gifts before I was ready and it got a little confusing!
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