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  1. helloo its not giftable.....if u send me a f.r with a note and tell me which wigs u'd like to be dyed in which colour....i can do it for u
  2. may i ask again please: Wardrobe- Page #9 - Item # 5 Wardrobe- Page #35 - Item # 9 Chest-Page # 76-Item # 7 Chest-Page # 45-Item # 12 thankss alot can i ask for more than 1 item in a day or not?
  3. Sure, sent you a friend request f.r accepted.....thankss
  4. Chest-Page 29-Item 5-Rapunzel Princess Window Wardrobe-Page 8-Item 6-Princess Fairy Wings thankies
  5. hi chest page 29:item no.5 wardrobe no.8:item no.6 thanksss
  6. hi Jennifer....may i please have a pie maker outfit if its still available thaaankuuu sooo much
  7. thanxxxx alot for offering but i got it thanx
  8. hi i really wanna buy a dark fairy outfit and i wanna swap it with the prince bundle i also am looking for princess and the pea bundle
  9. may i plz havee thesee: Aries Plushie Pisces Plushie Taurus Plushie thankuuuu veryyy muuch
  10. may i have one potion of ur choice...i dont how my pet will be transformed so ur favourite one................thanxxxxx alot we r already frndzzzzzzz
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