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  1. demonicle wrote:
    cawan wrote:
    cawan came and enjoy! emotional bila few member masih kenal cawan Smile

    bro, u know who i am. i know who u r. but up till now, we have never met...... Crying or Very sad

    i did came with baju Brazil.. ha haaa.. yelloowwwwwww..

    oopsss.. cawan sudah pusing2 each table.. not enough to mention all guys here Smile

    but mostly otai2 skarang sudah jadi organizer Smile terbaik!!

    someday, no worry bro..

  2. Quote :
    Final day of sales of dinner package will be 31 December 2011, 2359hrs.

    Hi Admin,

    Can the ticket sale closure happening in 1st weeks of January 2012? eg: till 8 January Midnight 2012.

    This to be fair for some worker that still not receiving December salary. Some of us might get salary on 1st weeks of months.

    Just my opinion.

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