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  1. will be coming at 9 pm.. save the last for me!!
  2. Hi all, silent collector now. but im still here Thanks for the wish!
  3. enjoy! but dont drunk ya!!
  4. errkkk.. like artist plak.. i think 1 fellows ade amik my pic at registration table.. sorry to say, but saye balik awal..
  5. bro, u know who i am. i know who u r. but up till now, we have never met...... i did came with baju Brazil.. ha haaa.. yelloowwwwwww.. oopsss.. cawan sudah pusing2 each table.. not enough to mention all guys here but mostly otai2 skarang sudah jadi organizer terbaik!! someday, no worry bro..
  6. cawan came and enjoy! emotional bila few member masih kenal cawan
  7. total this year 120 person? how much diff with last year?
  8. cawan

    My January's Haul

    wahh banyak ni, tahniah2! dinner nanti dtang tak? jgn lupa ade sales.. he he
  9. collecting = hobby = is to whom that have money.. ......... .... .. .
  10. bro, tell us this truck scale and manufacture brand
  11. ok mr. cawan u got PM... Status: Successful Reference number: 1586041436 Transaction date: 05 Jan 2012 Transaction time: 23:04:03 Bro, Payment Done
  12. bro eight, order me 1 tshirt - size L please inform me mode of payment. Thanks.
  13. Yahooo!! Come come.. let make this biggest meet ever!
  14. Hi Admin, Can the ticket sale closure happening in 1st weeks of January 2012? eg: till 8 January Midnight 2012. This to be fair for some worker that still not receiving December salary. Some of us might get salary on 1st weeks of months. Just my opinion. Thanks.
  15. bro eight, aku Ahad kerja, skrng opis kt cyber, jauhhhhh plakkkk.. so sad so sad.. http://blueewoke09.blogspot.com/2011/01/malaysia-hot-wheels-2nd-anniversary.html http://amdshaz.blogspot.com/2011/01/hwcm-2nd-annual-dinner.html [lots of event image] please link to 1st post. might remind our last dinner meeting
  16. thn lepas cawan ade sponsor sebijik ferrari, ade sape2 dpt tak? ha haaa,
  17. Cawan buat 1 payment. notified Hassan. tq.
  18. NZ win it.. very tight score.
  19. ur share nice infor+pic sahama.. thumb up!
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