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  1. He does do some great work, but alot of decal work and not enough paint.
  2. wish I could join in too! but I live in the US. Good luck to everyone.
  3. Some of the older ones, like the blazer, chevy truck, camaro and so on. Don't have to be mint either, as they will get customized.
  4. I have on US long card: 2x Dodge Viper 1x 16 Angels 1x Rockster 1x Qombie 1x Drift King Looking for HW VW fastbacks, Play Art opel GT, or Yatming cars.
  5. Hi, I have (2) dark red custom VW beetles, (2) black w/gold wheels VW bugs, (1) holiday Hot Rods convertable VW bug, (1) green K-Mart custom VW beetle. All for sale, PM me if interested.
  6. Private message me if you are interested in these.
  7. Glad to see everything arrived safely. Got next box ready to ship.
  8. Yes, its the filler neck for the gas tank. Also Enyomic is right. the ones with the hinged rear is left overs from the Ultra hot series.
  9. OK guys here is what is left: 4- Black Bluebirds 3-Gold Skylines 2-La Fasta 1-AMG Mercedes (blue) 1-AMG Mercedes (Gray FTE) 1-black Ferrari 250 GTO 1-Color shifters Evo 2 car set
  10. I use white model car paint (testers) and for round head lights I use a round wooden meat shewer. You can cut the pointy end to what ever size you need. Makes perfect circles for any thing you need to paint. I also use these for the turn signals and side marker lights. Just dip the pointy end in the paint and just touch the light to get the color on them.
  11. I didn't know that was a problem!! I think they are $20. If anyone needs one LMK.
  12. Has anyone seen the box set from K-Mart? really nice!!! I think my local K-Mart still has 3 or 4 of those sets.
  13. OK so far one color changer, Lambo,AMG(w/stripes),super tsunami,civic,250 lm,599 gtb, and one poster is sold for sure. The other stuff has a hold on it,if deals fall through I will repost. Thanks for all the PM's
  14. guys if you don't have $$$ I am looking for some VW fastbacks still. LOL isn't everybody LOL
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