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  1. wow awesome display congratz
  2. the lower (Older Set of Enzo's had a 3rd color Blue)
  3. Hello, a fellow collector in USA is looking for the "Connect Car Series" Car..CUL8R picture below if you have an extra to trade please let me know
  4. Bird Bird bird....bird is the word....sorry had to do..it surf bird.(Song) ..trashmen (Music group) search You tube for this ( the surf bird(the bird is a word )
  5. like the green repaint looks like left over bubble from blue car my blue has a tight blister
  6. would like to find Batty car and KITT
  7. Loose-Wheel

    new car.....

    would like to find scooby and red bird...
  8. I found a chase 84 fiero 2m4 (Hot Ones) also found bulivard one would like to Find decades one now
  9. saw a new wave w/ a Yellow Viper GTS-r
  10. How can you Get this series??
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