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  1. just thought i'd drop in to say hello!

    been sick for the last couple of weeks but other than that just working A LOT, still trying to get pregnant and working on the new house.

    i hope everyone is well!!

  2. hey everyone! sorry i've been MIA! just an update...
    we bought a new house by a small lake and we are almost set to move. i've been busy working and packing and trying to get things in order. we're moving this friday so times ticking away!! i hope everyone is well and i hope to be back once we are settled into the house in about 2-3 weeks...hopefully sooner! the painter will be there for 7 days so we have to stay with my inlaws. after that it's a matter of moving everything into the house since this friday we are moving everything into the garage only. eeks!! anyway, i hope everyone is well. miss you guys!!

  3. ok, i've delivered potions to everyone above.
    and i've sent extras to everyone as well. if i accidentally did not send you a bonus potion, please let me know and i will. if you'd like more, please let me know. i've decided all potions will be free to members till this friday so make your requests.

    please just don't request something like this
    "i want 10 of each" - this type of request will result in a big fat NO! Laughing

  4. SashaGirl wrote:
    I've gotten bored with the game, too. I would play more often, but it's pretty much impossible to visit and clean pets with the loading issues. I really don't want to quit as I've put so much time into the game, plus all the great friends I've made, but find myself playing less and less all the time.

    There must be so many great themes! Like people have mentioned - other countries around the world and different holidays. The rerun themes are frustrating.

    everything you just said - I AGREE!!!

  5. Xavier wrote:
    The only one liking it might be Xavier since he can sometimes eat food that is up on a table or even food from the trees. First, there are three fruits on a tree, Xavier has one in his mouth (makes four total in that garden). After he finishes off the fruit (yum yum, giggle), one fruit magically disappears from the tree. Xavier cashed in a 100 cc cash card that was a gift from a friend, but he will not use if until PS has fixed all those problems. Visiting friends makes Xavier very tired, all gets sluggish, so I need to refresh the game several times in order to do all visits.

    i agree about the food...smorkle tries to get her grubby hands on the cakes out on display. i always have to watch her cuz the new loading makes her into more of a piggy.

    try buying the mushrooms from the store for 5 coins. i feed her about 4 mushrooms and she's good to go...plus it's cheaper and it keeps her happy and not such a porker trying to steal my cakes and other stuff i don't want her eating... just a suggestion. the mushrooms are cheap.
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