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  1. Been ages since I last logged in. And no, I am not dead. lol. Here's one custom to usher in the new year
  2. show WIP pics as proof that you did it
  3. "Respect one another please".......Edit by Rayz-HWCM....
  4. ericmaxman

    F430 Spider

    wings on Ferraris are not my cup of tea, but decent attempt tho. not bad
  5. ericmaxman

    Nissan Titan

    btw, do we need to know you have talladega, ratbomb and camaro TH? simple answer, no.
  6. Ferrari - Silver parts cheapens the car. Eclipse - Wing looks very flimsy
  7. rear end needs more detailing le
  8. ericmaxman

    Nissan 370Z

    LOL~ rushing to be the first to custom any cars..
  9. thanks!its a rushing job as what bro cham said the more you rush, the worse it becomes.
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