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  1. Yes indeed. Considering that this is a '69 Mustang. I suppose money well spent.
  2. Come to think of it... I haven't gone out in exactly a month... See you on Sun boss~
  3. Thanks for sharing Sinclair. I never knew the Karmann Ghia was a Japan Convention car.
  4. Attention to all muscle car lovers or those who dig blown castings. This is one too look out for! I didn't get it though...
  5. Some have claimed that their DBs do not have the roll cage. AK, perhaps you should check it out too.
  6. The Modern Classics are really really hard to find, not just the Torino.
  7. My latest collection of Muscles from Ford Motor Company
  8. ...if possible, you go on 18th too? So that we can do our long awaited trade... hahaha
  9. Nope, it's from this year's Faster Than Ever segment series. The wheel's OH5 instead of FTE 'cos it's from a 3-Pack, right Sinclair?
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