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  1. i oso dont want to drive if mengantuk... but what to do, already stopped and rest a few times at RnR, but still sleepy... plus work is very tiring... i used to drive from KL to Kedah non-stop, never feel mengantuk... but now drive 15 minutes oso wanna sleep already... kesian my fiesta... total cost if want repair is 800.. anyway, i would definitely recommend the fiesta! i'll be honest, it's not perfect. gear change from 1 to 2, or 3 to 2, isnt smooth.. and when cruising 90-110kmh, my right wheel got small grinding noise... but the satisfaction u get from the car is priceless... the handling is superb. and when u rev the engine beyond 4000rpm, the sound is so sweet. sometimes i just wind down the windows to hear my fiesta accelerate..
  2. Fiesta already arrived. Grey colour. but just a few days ago i accident. was driving back from work at 3am... so sleepy... fell asleep while driving, then bam, hit divider. habis kemek panel2 sebelah driver, from front to back.. I really appreciate the gift bro. Already asked my brother to keep the Mustangs in Mustang cupboard at home. Many thanks bro!! Thanks for sending the gifts bro. U guys always help me even though im not that active anymore in this forum. really touched by ur efforts.. Thanks guys!
  3. A parcel arrived at my hometown a few days ago... and... the contents of the parcel: Mustangs!! 3 of them!! Im so touched.. u guys always are being to nice to me even though i dont see u guys that often.. plus i've never even met sinclair, and he already gave me 3 Mustangs! Super duper thanks to sinclair for this wonderful gift, and super duper thanks to mushr00m for helping with the postage as well p/s: im really busy nowadays, everyday work like hell from 7am to 11pm. so i wont be around here that often. but rest assured that my passion for Hot Wheels, and Mustangs, will never die.
  4. @sinclair: haha, i havent been gone that long have i? @sahama: thanks! it's from mushr00m as usual..
  5. wow, the mini police is really cute!!
  6. FFUUHHH!! ini memang hardcore Ferrari collector! if only my Mustangs are as many as your Ferraris.. bro, take la pic of all 200 ferrari in one shot. sure will look even more awesome!
  7. Thanks my bro RGSUKAN!
  8. hehe, it's ok bro.. im pretty content with these 3.. but thanks for the offer.
  9. new wave pun, the TH all people grabbed already... thanks anyway sahama.
  10. Hmm, i saw Boss Hoss motorcycle, Buick Grand National (Pennzoil tampo), that Pontiac police car (white), Mitsu Eclipse concept car, '07 Ford Shelby GT500 (white from nightburnerz series), and other cars cannot remember. Forgot to take pic, cos was in a rush just now.. but all got like 1 or 2 unit left only..
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