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Everything posted by zat

  1. zat

    Datsun Racing set

    mantab! dijual ngak bro?
  2. how much is the 1964 VW Type 2 Pick Up ( R7 )?
  3. bro kalo include CHAH n joelee dh dpt 15 tuu.
  4. mushroom is the man u should speak to.
  5. zat

    Danny's Garage

    love the display case bro.
  6. zat

    beginner's garage

    Thanx for viewing guys.
  7. zat

    beginner's garage

    loose everything when it comes to VW. even JL, Greenlight, Jada or Kyosho. as for others still have a few carded bro. hehe.
  8. zat

    beginner's garage

    mushroom: are u suggesting any RAOK? mushroom the best lah. hehehe. danielh: thanx 4 viewing daniel.
  9. zat

    beginner's garage

    VW is my niche. Hehehe.
  10. zat

    beginner's garage

    thanx for viewing guys!
  11. zat

    beginner's garage

    hehehehe. kyosho mahal wooo.
  12. not all white bro. the other side is normal. hehe.
  13. zat

    beginner's garage

    VW Garage VW Old Skool TQ Kown for Baja 2011 VW New Age Supercar Garage Err but it's mixed with other brands as well. Anybody mind?
  14. bro i wanna confirm order 1. please include me in the list. TQ.
  15. johnny lightning 65 volkswagen delivery van where can i buy dis JL? please anyone?
  16. zat

    Gasser Racing Team

    wow! i didnt know u can put up such a high level custom bro. wow again!
  17. zat

    My biasa2 haul...

    waaaaah so lucky.. m yet to get my first TH$..
  18. bro how do u manage to be soo lucky?/ soo many hauls that i never see with own eyes..
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