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  1. Wow 3 batmobiles in this wave?
  2. Hie, I`m looking for Chevy Camaro Concept T-hunt$ 2010 carded. I have extra T-hunt$ stated below :- 1) T-hunt$ Gangster Grin 2) T-hunt$ Caddilac 3) T-hunt$ Ford Gtx-1 * all above stated is in Carded Condition
  3. i have corvette grand sport t-hunt extra. do you mind to trade?
  4. J_o_e88

    Old Hauls...

    Thanks to everyone and happy hunting guys!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. J_o_e88

    Old Hauls...

    Guys just wanna share my previous hauls on Dec 2010. Enjoy it! Thanks
  6. sorry did`t mention that i `m looking for carded only.
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