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Everything posted by iqone

  1. Just buy this two CS from my friend who help me in getting both car... Enjoy
  2. my friend introduce me to the seller... hehe now my WL become smaller n smaller hehe tq Danielh
  3. TQ.2008 Lancer Evolution is one of my favourite casting. Looking to collect all the variants
  4. thanks, already looking this for a long time. but at last i found it
  5. tq abg Sahama very hard to find this EVO huhu
  6. My little haul in this month... Looking for this for a long time at last i got this
  7. iqone

    Haul of the day

    hehe tq danielh....
  8. iqone

    Haul of the day

    huhu same wif me... most of my collection i buy from other collector not from retailer huhu
  9. iqone

    Haul of the day

    hehe tak tau nk kate murah or tak... huhu but slightly lower compare to ebay price
  10. iqone

    Haul of the day

    hehe tq abang sahama... GT347 huhu mahal tak mahal sgt kot huhu
  11. iqone

    Haul of the day

    Haul of the day... TQ seller because you already fulfil my wishlist
  12. hehe only got 1 and i buy it slightly lower compare to the market price tq to the seller
  13. Hehe tq abang sahama... Murah tak murah sgt la tpi jauh lagi murah dri orng lain jual dkt luar... maybe value die same dgn other JDM yang murah2 hehe
  14. Another haul this week. TQ to seller coz "jual murah sama saya"
  15. tq just only simple haul... other collector help me
  16. Abang sahama... The old ciput haul make my wallet leak like a water pipe
  17. Just haul this 2 item last week... enjoy
  18. Another package just arrived last weekend.. The Z yehaa!!
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