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  1. iqone

    GT Mini Haul

    sudah looooooooose Its too beautiful after loose... arghh!!! I dont want to be poisoned
  2. TQ danielh . It just a small haul compare with others..
  3. iqone

    GT Mini Haul

    Congratz bro nice haul.... The Sweet Rods bagi loose jgk lah
  4. Bak kata cartoon Boboboi..... "Terbaik"
  5. thanks abg sahama... hehe budget ciput... so kne pilih betul2
  6. Mazda rx7, such a nice haul. Congrat
  7. Haul kecil-kecilan sje. The green evo not for me but the rest is mine
  8. Small package just received this evening... And there are 6 HW inside the package.
  9. iqone

    New Haul 2 Feb 2012

    Nice score here... congrats
  10. iqone

    My January's Haul

    The DD i teracun dgn U mine is nothing la compared to others here.. heheh nothing to compared... lets take a pic n share to this forum
  11. iqone

    My January's Haul

    The DD i teracun dgn U
  12. iqone

    My January's Haul

    Thanks, 2011 wave is easy to get but the year before that, haiya susah mau dpt
  13. iqone

    My January's Haul

    nice car,great haul, and money "mengalir mcm air hehe"
  14. iqone

    My January's Haul

    huhu tak trun dinner tempat tinggal jauh n tkde transport ...... next year punye dinner akan diusahakan tuk trun
  15. iqone

    My January's Haul

    Very small haul in this month. Only 14 HW car that I afford to buy (huhuhu bullet habis). All the carded evo has been 'koyak-koyak' by me .. enjoy
  16. Terkejut jgk dpt first ever super... lepas ni nak hunting dgn lebih giat...
  17. People always said that we need to open hw box to get some super. but i found it hanging around there (Custom '62 Chevy). Also got some car at putrajaya megasale
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