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  1. At this evening, I managed to find the HW Tunerz (EVO inside)... Always looking for it but at last i got it.. Also there are some loose and carded that i got on last Sunday. Enjoy.. The loose Porsche Carrera GT ,Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR ,Ferrari FF,Toyota Celica, all found at Amcorp Mall Some carded car.. 5 pack series.. At last i got the EVO
  2. silau mata memandang... congratz... nice score
  3. its ok, thank because u response to my offer
  4. carded Ford fiesta for my carded hw
  5. Dont know the equal value for a Ford Fiesta. Looking for it for my collection. I'm offering my extra Mini Chalenge(Blue) or Subaru for 1 Ford Fiesta. tq
  6. Yeah! have saw the price tag... but its not their false to put that price since A-Team van has become "barang panas pgi td".. Hope A-Team van it will hit our market (Bru 1st time pg Amcorp, best jgk tgk hotwheel kat sne)
  7. Thanks to all... This morning, i got few car when i spend my time "jalan-jalan" at amcorp mall .. (Found A-Team hanging there but there are no money left in my pocket)
  8. Always busy with my work until doen't have any time for hunting.. But this week, I tried to spend some time for my hunting activity to get some brand new car for my collection and this what I found... (Rase macam dah lame je tak bukak forum nie)
  9. iqone

    some new cars

    nice Ferrari.... congratz
  10. yeah! i think so... should be yellow gold
  11. 1 Yellowish Haul So bored since there are not to many 2011 car in my place but last night I accompanied my friend to buy some items. I have stopped at the toys department and get this 2011 yellowish cars.
  12. Cool.... congrats... long live HWC Malaysia... Proud to be one of the member .... Popular lah mereka2 yang msuk paper tu...
  13. cool.... look like u the fanatic of batman...(tk pernah jumpe satu pun)
  14. malaysia I think.... (tak bleh tgk sekarang... all my car ada dkt kolej.... tgh cuti sekarang)
  15. Just enter in this new hobby around 6 month (Pengaruh Rakan Sebaya ). And this my little collection... No Treasure Hunt and $uper Trea$ure Hunt$... Still hunting for that 2 type of green tag card... Pikes Peak Celica RD-02 '32 Ford Vicky '69 Corvette TM GM
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