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  1. this one sold already bro p/s:can make another set if u want
  2. A simple custom for the early 2013. BRE Racing themed Datsun 510.
  3. nasib baik adik sorang je..kalau ada lagi dua adik suruh buat memang tak buat laaaa
  4. ahaha sekarang ni agak malas banyak..bukan malas sikit dahh ahahaha
  5. Thanks Chah. ada jugak kesan kesan tu haa...
  6. build this for my lil'brother.A fan of AstroBoy
  7. tired of American funny car,i build myself my japanese funny car. based on fairlady 240z. enjoy the pic.
  8. its actually a dodge challenger.. http://www.hppcars.com/Gallery/Plymouth_Superbird/index.htm
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