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Everything posted by minimonster

  1. this one sold already bro p/s:can make another set if u want
  2. A simple custom for the early 2013. BRE Racing themed Datsun 510.
  3. nasib baik adik sorang je..kalau ada lagi dua adik suruh buat memang tak buat laaaa
  4. ahaha sekarang ni agak malas banyak..bukan malas sikit dahh ahahaha
  5. Thanks Chah. ada jugak kesan kesan tu haa...
  6. build this for my lil'brother.A fan of AstroBoy
  7. tired of American funny car,i build myself my japanese funny car. based on fairlady 240z. enjoy the pic.
  8. its actually a dodge challenger.. http://www.hppcars.com/Gallery/Plymouth_Superbird/index.htm
  9. as always and will always be.. Congrats sifu!
  10. this superbird is requested by my friends actually... will make a 2nd batch soon..
  11. \ aiyaaa long time no see u la sifu how come wanna open table?
  12. thanks to mr.eight for handling the custom nicely..
  13. sharing what i know hehe for spoilers,coming soon hehe
  14. memandangkan terbuka pintu hati ntuk share benda ni jadi enjoylah yeee.. this is the "thing", called Bondite or a two-part epoxy consist of two parts 1 is the epoxy and one is the hardener.kena campur sama kuantiti tapi kalau nak cepat boleh je campur hardener lebih sikit hehe mangsa keaadaan..HW dodge challenger yang akan dicustom kepada HPP/Petty Garage Daytona/Superbird proses menempek ikut shapeyang diingini sebelum dia betul2 keras atau 3/4 nak keras tu dah boleh start shape pakai pisau ikut shape yang nak dah keras,boleh start sanding:D hasilnya selamat mencuba:D
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