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NFB: Need For Bodykit

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memandangkan terbuka pintu hati ntuk share benda ni jadi enjoylah yeee..

this is the "thing", called Bondite or a two-part epoxy

consist of two parts 1 is the epoxy and one is the hardener.kena campur sama kuantiti tapi kalau nak cepat boleh je campur hardener lebih sikit hehe

mangsa keaadaan..HW dodge challenger yang akan dicustom kepada HPP/Petty Garage Daytona/Superbird

proses menempek ikut shapeyang diingini

sebelum dia betul2 keras atau 3/4 nak keras tu dah boleh start shape pakai pisau ikut shape yang nak

dah keras,boleh start sanding:D


selamat mencuba:D

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so this is how u do it..nice..useful knowledge..next tutorial is the spoiler! hehe Very Happy

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