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  1. You guys do know what is K&N, right?
  2. Tsk tsk... real 330 P4 back open like this...
  3. Been a long time since I last visited here. I thought I'd share my biggest custom project thus far. If you guys remember, I touched up my Kenmeri Skyline with Sharpie permanent marker to have black overfenders. Since then, I have also touched up the rear spoiler to be black to match the overfenders and also painted the headlights silver to make it more realistic. And just 2 weeks ago, I finally managed to snag the rubber wheels that I want and gave it a wheels swap, bringing it back to its original JDM roots!
  4. Mix? Hybrid? Not sure. Hahaha!
  5. Finally did my first custom after putting it on hold for nearly 4 months due to college. It's just a simple wheels swap thing. Final result: Spoiler:
  6. Those thumbdrive cars are dead awesome!
  7. HPP SUPERBIRD!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Recently got back my junked AE86 from master Danielh after 1.5 months in restoration and custom work. Before: After: With the rest of my Initial D AE86 family... A million thanks to Master Daniel for his awesome work!
  9. Yeah, it was already TH in 2007.
  10. Watch if the drill depth will not cross over the cast!!! Spoiler: OK, but if I'm not sure about how deep to drill (because this will be my first time opening a HW casting), so can I drill it a bit, remove the rivet's head, take apart the car and continue drilling after seeing the depth of the rivet?
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