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  1. adiz182

    HWs 4 Sale

    Hi, PM TV Batmobile, please. Thanks
  2. 1st and Foremost, Thread Rules: Spoiler: HW Sales List your Hot Wheels for sale here!NOTE: You may NOT list prices! Item(s) conditions: 8 to 9/10 HERE'S THE DEAL 1. Item is mine. 2. Picture taken is the actual item. 3. Item is in well condition, fully wrapped and kept in non-smoking room. 4. Any damage during the postage of the item WILL not be bear by me. 5. Buy now regret later. The choice is yours. ONCE IT'S GONE, IT'S GONE! P/S: Items also can be traded. I don't mind if its not HW, i'll accept any toys. We'll discuss in PM PM for Price+Postage Items pics: Spoiler: Thanks!!
  3. if u look closely, its @Angry Bird merchandise section
  4. small matters only..next time hunt again..once a hunter always a hunter! haha
  5. great haul! burn on ur moped can recover ma..but the satisfaction...
  6. there are 2 wave. the 1st wave already hit. 2nd wave is 29nov. each wave got 3 cars. LINK Spoiler: http://www.shell.com.my/home/content/mys/products_services/on_the_road/fuels/lego_ferrari_model_collection_tpkg/ferrari_showroom/about/
  7. 1. '11 Ken Block Ford Fiesta 2. Back To The Future Time Machine
  8. What camera did u use? The pics looks yummy!
  9. Color Shifters really caught my attention despite their unique look. Heck, I guess thats why I like 'em. BTW congrats Atomkinder:)
  10. Thanks for the link! HW FLINTSTONES CAR
  11. http://t-hunted.blogspot.com/
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