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  1. ohh eight, i jz know u r a part time ninja...
  2. nice '85 Camaro IROC-Z and the firebird funny car, pretty detailed...
  3. 1st time joining citta mall gathering! its really happening! :-D met some cool guys there! hang out until 2am that friday night!
  4. hahahha~ no others in this group has such complete PPC collection other than him..
  5. thank you Mr.Sahama heres another mr2, love this so much!!
  6. nice!!! real nice!! mine will received after chinese new year :-) 1-2 more weeks i think...
  7. bro, u saw already la all my PPC.. u r Farkharuddin??
  8. Ya!! the thunt is so yummy~ and thers a police PPC with matt blue base paint, that one also yummy
  9. wooohooo~ which mean u already have alot of em the coca-cola PPC u have also?
  10. :-D thanks~ hope u can share your's too
  11. Thanks! if u have toyota collection, may post your pics too
  12. share some of my toyota collection :-) hotwheels toyota corolla AE86: hotwheels toyota MR2:
  13. still catching up :-) theres another 2 i didint put together bcoz it stay in other box and i lazy to take them out...
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