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  1. xpe rgsukan.. next time plak.. duplicate kunci tu
  2. thanks to jimi @ k for kari kambing 3 set + semua atas meja
  3. hahahaha sekali pandang mcm jimak nak belanja! tisu ada.. i mean roti tisu
  4. look very simple & clean.. i like it very much..
  5. great.. mid march 2012.. sudah dekat
  6. i think next time sales table must be near / under the CCTV, need long big SPACE area & can put tables in straight 1 line position, need hired team of brader2 "RELA".. i think i know one place with lot of CCTVs, big SPACE & got a lorry of brader2 RELA..
  7. saya hilang loose thunder roller merah itu 3, 4 months ago.. i'm trying to think positive, maybe i tersalah letak or maybe someone tersalah ambik, ya la all collectors are friends.. but when it happen & happened again, i think there were some ghosts laaaa.. ..... give up the ghost +++ still hope that someone "ter"salah ambik..
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