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  1. the right cologne for nerds, and weirdos
  2. found myself a pair, but plastic base..look good in card
  3. Dont worry, HW section only Toy Story and Speed Cycle being chased..the rarest probably Toy Story RC car and Green Lantern speed cycle
  4. lepas ke masuk sini?..sexynya card..terjojol mata pakcik2 yg nak belikan cucu hot wheels
  5. Matchbox already have one '70 camino
  6. thanks for the info, semua senyap2 jgn up posting ni dulu
  7. Finally received package from the man himself, Chris Walker (Nightstalker). Pro: extra casting, instead of buy 1 free 1, he gave 2. Maybe I was wrong but really appreciate the extras. Con: USPS Priority International slow service. Have to contact CW via website contact to push on the delivery. Overall: casting 5/5, shop customer service 5/5, USPS service 2/5 Thanks for looking.
  8. no hal bro Rafi..next 2 weeks datang Mcd? Kita decal pun stok terhad..tu yg guna sikit2
  9. Thanks bro..sure no prob, next gathering I raok
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