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  1. Hello everyone just to share my experience on my first attendance to the weekly gathering held yesterday.

    I was quite excited to attend it, anticipating to meet up fellow collectors and see what they had in their collections, sharing tales etc etc

    But when I arrived at the venue, I was taken aback with what I saw.

    To sum it up, I felt that I was at a mini Amcorp Mall sales yesterday.

    There were a few traders there doing business like nobody's else business (pun intended)

    I remember one particular trader quite well because he was hogging the best spots to himself and talked in a pasar malam vendor manner

    I remember also seeing one collector walking away from the gathering, his face bengang giler and full of frustration

    I was aghast, thinking this wasn't quite what I had in mind as I followed this particular forum on weekly's gatherings, which were a blast and kept thinking when would I have a chance to attend the gathering.

    I went to the gathering with a fellow forummer Abg Zedd, who was kind enough to fetch me all the way from WM to Citta Mall.

    Before we reached Citta Mall Zedd was saying that he attended the previous week's gathering and how much he enjoyed it, adding that I would enjoy this time's gathering as well

    On our way back, he apologized to me profusely saying that he had no idea that this time punya gathering turned out like this

    I feel pity for him, having putting in quite an amount of effort to bring along a fellow forummer with the intention of him getting to know and mingle aroundd with the big family and stuff like that.

    If I was utterly disappointed with the gathering, I can only imagine the disappointment level of Abg Zedd's

    I remember a member posted about this gathering is a place to chill out with other collectors after a week's hard work

    Instead, what I saw was a sneak peek of what goes on every weekend at Amcorp Mall.

    If other fellow forummers were to bring their newbie friends to the gathering and saw what I saw instead, godness know what will be going on in the newbies' minds

    A question popped up in my mind since yesterday, and I still couldn't find an answer to it?

    'Just what exactly in the world happened yesterday at McD's Citta Mall?'

    Sorry if I have offended anyone with my manner of speech, just sharing what I saw on my very first gathering.

    An unforgettable experience indeed.

  2. wildspirit wrote:
    Yes they are two, Twin Mill & Roger Dodger, lucky saleslady just handed me my car when show them the receipt.
    The idea how they slot free blister just genius and car with plastic wrapper too.

    Hi am new around here so just thought of sharing
    Yes there are 2 designs of the blank cars available, but when you are claiming for the car after your purchase the salesperson/cashier might give you either one if you did not specify which model do you want.
    To make it simple try telling them 'I want the blank car with one/two engine(s)'.
    Or if the salesperson/cashier is kaki HW then can tell them the model la Razz
    But before anyone rushes to TRU and start stacking on basics make sure they have the cars available lol!
    As long as you purchase 3 (basics) and above you are entitled to a blank car
    If you want both designs then you'll have to do it (purchase) twice cool

  3. Username : Crackerjack

    Real Name (*optional) : Minato Namikaze

    Favorite HW designer : Erm, need to do more research on this

    Age (*optional) : ...is just a number

    Collecting since : Somewhere around 2009 to 2010

    Favorite castings : Too many and too tedious to type here What a Face

    Range of collection : Anything that catches my eye

    Other Collections : Gundam, Transformers, Maisto, Tomica and other weird collections
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