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  1. Congrats bro on the nice RAOK from Uncle Chia
    Junior hunter is sure lucky to recieve such a valuable RAOK from Uncle Chia
    Hope you took a photo of the carded version before it is loosened by junior hunter Razz
    The picture sure is worth many words when she is all grown up years from now Wink
    HL ah you want to RAOK bro Zedd very simple
    I'll PM you what items he collect tongue

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  2. hwcars wrote:
    Sure, send me yr shopping list bro.

    Hehe still compiling my list bro, will let PM you once it's done bro, taking budget into consideration too Very Happy

    fablokejw wrote:
    Cracker wad u got? And u got fb? My Facebook name is TakJw Hw

    Hmmm will PM you my WTT WTS list, but am quite sure nothing that will interest you much bro Razz will add you on FB with message stating my HWCM nick

    Zedd_68 wrote:
    C-Jack, better u get your behind south of the border during the raya break..
    Better for u choice wise, and say proper hello to J and L.. Smile

    Bro I do have plans for hunting trips beyond the border south but its early next year, if want to go there during Raya break not enough holidays + not enough $$$ Embarassed definitely will meet up with both of them and say hi + bring well wishes from HWCM

    Zedd_68 wrote:
    see lsk138 hauls on non-hw..shiuld give you further incentive to make your way down...aiyah halfway d from hometown... Wink

    Bro his thread is like MBX heaven for me la, don't know how many times already la died and went there...non-stop cycle... Twisted Evil ...must...take...strong potion...to resist...MBX poison...

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  3. huileng wrote:
    ini amoi makan pasir for tiga bulan berturut turut.

    Ini ahmoi huileng of course makan pasir one......gula pasir that is
    'Cause girls are made of spice and everything nice Razz


    Cheers and happy hunting,

  4. Bro Zedd looks like you have new series to collect Very Happy
    Bro hwcars maybe you can convert your father's old place into a gathering place of some sort for JB/SG collectors
    The more the merrier Cool
    Or a warehouse for your collections

    Cheers and happy hunting,

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