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Posts posted by crackerjack

  1. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Nasib baik bole beza moto ngan keta..tak kalu, hiway hauler 2 masuk bad bagger card...

    Bro if you can find it surely that will make your DAY!!
    Hope that you'll find it during your future hunting trips Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  2. redsk wrote:
    Today's find at Alor Setar..balik kampung for a while..got wedding invitation

    Not many model found and didn't get much time to look through..

    Bro no time to go through also can haul such items?
    If you go through then maybe double or triple of this haul Very Happy
    Nice hauls bro Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  3. vadenan wrote:
    After 2 weeks of not logged in to HWC..

    ebay haul...

    2000's Speed Blaster Series Shelby 427 (1 for crackerjack)
    2 variations of Outsider

    Interestingly took 1+ week to arrive from US..

    Thanks for the help bro Very Happy
    The Cobra looking REALLY NICE Twisted Evil
    Cant wait to get my hands on it!

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  4. redsk wrote:
    Thanks crackerjack, thanks sahama...

    you are all the ..the master hauler..

    Haha bro Abang Sahama baru master hauler Very Happy
    Me? Just a rookie...cannot even compare with him...
    I am just like you starting to increase my collection bit by bit only Laughing
    Still quite some time before my collection can jumpa orang Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  5. redsk wrote:
    Good day!!

    Here's to my haul..nothing fancy, just picking up the usual suspects


    They got promo buy 2 free 1

    Bro can you PM me at which Isetan did you find the Hyundai Genesis Coupe and Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept?
    Looking real fine to me Cool

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  6. redsk wrote:
    Check out the error!! Its Bad Bagger inside Fat Boy

    Nice finds bro! Very Happy
    But suspect this error won't be worth as much...cause other forummers are reporting it at different locations...QC error perhaps? Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  7. musclemania wrote:
    Thanks, guys.

    AEON: Lunch haul today
    - MBX Batmobile
    - MBX Fire Engine
    - MBX Super Space CAB
    - HW green rally EVO (the rest of purple Heat Fleet EVO were not there)
    Remark: All with 10% discount.

    Congrats on your haul bro! Very Happy
    Pics please Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,
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