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  1. huileng wrote:
    porshe spyder izit?

    Sorry it's Porsche Boxter Spyder not Ferrari Spyder
    Guess I got a bit too excited over your hauls Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  2. Congratulations to HL for largest haul to date with 2 THunts to show!!
    Now cant say you cant find Evo liao :p
    Ferrari Spyder,Bentley,Volkswagon Beetle and Megane Trophy got extra or not?
    I want...

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  3. vandenan wrote:
    7 August 2012 Findings
    Old Timer stock..cant believe some place still have a lot of this cars..Picking it up since 2010 & 2011 are my holiday years from buying hot wheels..

    2009 Way 2 Fast

    2010 Shift Kicker

    2010 Straight Pipes

    2010 1/4 mile coupe

    Kaki hot rod nie... Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  4. huileng wrote:
    well, since im the only daughter among three of my mama's children, my whole childhood is about ninja turtle too...
    but that time Kelantan have no pizza yet, I always hope to try.. until the day Pizza Hut open its first branch at Kelantan..

    Huileng ah you from Kelantan?
    No wonder you understand bahasa Kelate
    Spent a few early years of my life there until we relocated to my parents' hometown
    My younger sibling was born there Very Happy
    You were lucky
    I only tasted PH for the first time during secondary school

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  5. huileng wrote:
    Thanks Zedd, Thanks CJ, Thanks MM, thanks loke, thanks hwcars, thanks vadenan *Fell like a superstar*

    No problem we all gentlemen right guys?? Wink
    But later remember belanja Baskin Robbins ya... Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  6. huileng wrote:
    No need thanks. u still need to pay RM35.90...
    abt the mini, I dono leh, nice also when saw.. when bring home.. abit regret..

    Aiya I thought you can give me discount RM0.90 larr~ Sad
    The Mini you dont want ah?
    I can help you take it no problem Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  7. huileng wrote:
    am I suppose to receive lots of PM now? I dont have any..(sad)
    but thanks guys for the congratulations..
    its all started when Zedd racun me with his Camaro

    Huhu Huileng ah wait until I show you what I have Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  8. huileng wrote:
    one of the jam look like ninja turtle..
    (i know i know, but still cant stop to mention it.. )

    Cakap saje...that day you should have seen the look on your face when bro Zedd brought it out of the box...still take many pictures some more... tongue
    We'll try to find you one
    When you keep looking at it mesti you like it punya trust me Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  9. Zedd_68 wrote:
    I think the turtle has several variations...with different bandana/eye mask color

    Bro there are 4 different colours according to the original TMNT cartoon
    You can find the link below

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Now that you mentioned it
    This was one of my favourite cartoons during my childhood years
    I grew up watching it with my younger siblings
    We even had the toys (hand me downs as from relatives as we could not afford new ones) but we spent countless hours having fun with it
    Even the theme song is ringing in my head as we speak
    Its very catchy tune
    'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...'
    Will try to upload the clip here for others to enjoy (and reminiscence the happy memories of watching the cartoons Very Happy )

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  10. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Guess upload my small purchase later later lo... Crackerjack and mini fans would probably want to look

    Bro what is it that you hauled today?
    Cant wait to have a look brows

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  11. Zedd_68 wrote:
    Nice one girl! Really well done!! Keep on scoring...u seem to hv the luck

    Waah..c-jack seems to be piling his ferrari now

    Bro for Ferrari and Porsche I just take it easy
    You know which car I am really passionate about right? Wink

    musclemania wrote:
    HL shall be busy answering PM now LOL

    Bro I think if she keep scoring at this rate she'll be overwhelmed with PMs and calls everyday Twisted Evil

    Cheers and happy hunting,

  12. Hmmm good question bro hwcars
    I am not sure which is the rarest
    But to bro Zedd the rarest are those that he cant find on his hunts Razz
    I only know of a model that is VHTF and highly sought after: '55 Lincoln Futura
    There is another model that is VHTF as well: Buick Grand National (did I get the name right bro Zedd?)
    Congratulations on bro Zedd for findings of his first love as well Very Happy

    Cheers and happy hunting,

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