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  1. Seriously

    the megene

    wow seriously woooow!
  2. thanks bro! the tampos too nice to touch :p Haha I thought of that too, maybe I should give it a try thanks for the advice, bro!
  3. Hello kawans One more custom gold-effect HW for sharing. Enjoy! Work in Progress -
  4. hehe thanks huileng for the COD!
  5. Hello kaki-kaki HW custom! Just sharing some pics of a lightly detailed, wheel swapped AEM Honda S2000 Blue. enjoy!
  6. hahahahaha.....goodest idea chief!!! fuyoooooooooooh.........Seriously oso infected here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......damm ohsem tambi HAHA thanks aneh! :p yealo extra cars with extra spray paint goes well together hehe
  7. keep up the good works, you'll improved as you do more custom and learn progressively on every custom. you are already good as first timer and hope to see more from you. thanks danielh, credit to good ol' buddy elgee / eugene t. sifu for his advices for this project
  8. huileng, Hot Wheels Custom Motor : The Batmobile available? pmed! thanks
  9. thanks bro danielh! any tips from the sifu? hehe
  10. My first custom with the Lamborghini Aventador, more to come in the CustomGold Series! Enjoy the pics, constructive criticism / advice is much appreciated! Thanks to bro elgee for his support
  11. Username : Seriously Collecting since : 2004 Favorite castings : Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Reventon, Nissan Skyline Range of collection : JDM, Speedmachines Other Collections : Tomica, Lego Thanks!
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