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  2. Utahraptor has been updated.
  3. Yes, unless someone has it and gives it to us.
  4. This link is down, meaning this download is permanently unavailable. 😞
  5. You have been added to the VIP Members group.
  6. General Information: Creator: Lgcfm Original Creator: -JimmyzHoopz- Language(s): English Downloads Required: American Adventures Bugs: None known Extra Information: Credits: Base skin by HENDRIX I believe Azrael & magpiealamode for testing. Description: Renames JH's Florida Black Bear to American Black Bear and adds 5 variants, including white chested, cinnamon, glacier and kermode/spirit bear. Some of these are characteristic of certain black bear subspecies. Make sure they are below the original American Adventures file in your ZT2 folder for them to show up properly. Might conflict with other animal hacks or variants. Bonus Features: Public Domain? Yes, but credit JH, my skins are just edits of his original one. zzzzzzzzzBlackBearVariants.z2f
  7. Updates: dinosaur food remake Utahraptor added
  8. The first post has been edited to show a screenshot example.
  9. There is one in Dinosaurs of the East.
  10. The first post has been edited to make it easier to know which attachment is what.
  11. The post was edited after @Mjmannella posted the reply.
  12. New screenshots have been added.
  13. The attachment has been added.
  14. The crowned lemur has a screenshot now.
  15. Didn't you read what the download status says, Mjmannella? Just curious.
  16. Well, the link not working is disappointing. 😞
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