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  4. So how do I get them ingame? Do I just put the .exe in the ZT2 folder or do I have to extract it?
  5. Some Tips {Earn > Tasks & Surveys): Surveys - CPX research will give a bonus if you get credited for finishing a survey. Also you could receive a small amount if you are disqualified. AdGate Rewards - They have fun quizzes and tasks that require you to read (click and explore) some pages. AdGate Rewards, AdscendMedia & WannAds - They have tasks where you can download and use mobile apps. Also you can sign up for rewards like a $500 Wal-mart gift card.
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  7. Thanks @lgcfm for helping to upload downloads in the public and private sections? I hope you are enjoying your gifts.
  8. Play with Nano See why Nano is the best cryptocurrency, with feeless and instant use cases. Earn, play, bet, and spend - no account or login required. Tasks & Surveys Earn Nano by completing tasks and surveys from any of our providers below. Each user that completed tasks has earned an average of 17.66 XNO (19.92 USD) for now. Watch & Learn Watch videos & learn about different topics to get rewarded a few Nano (new categories will be added soon) Faucets You don't have Nano? Collect small amounts of Nano from a range of community-run faucets, to be able to see the power of this currency! Affiliate Program Earn 40% commission on everything. Forever. Gift Cards Use your Nano to purchase your favorite Gift Cards. Mobile Top-Ups Use your Nano to Top-Up your or your friends' mobile phone. Games Use your Nano to purchase your favorite Games.
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  10. lgcfm


    Both files were exactly the same, that's why I deleted the duplicate thread. The pic here looks darker because it's the dirty skin.
  11. I feel like another Dinofelis (one that had a brighter color than this one) by the same user was briefly on this site. Plus this one appears to not have any Zoopedia info in-game. (sorry)
  12. If you can help, you can receive keys like @lgcfm have received already.
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  14. Gorillaz Entertainment Pack Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creators: : Gorillaz music and characters created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Art for 2D's fountain is from Brandon Evans 'Broken' music video. Base files for the gothic cross, tombstone, fountain and planter are from Paranoia. Sago Palm is from Biohazard's Jpog pack and the Sign and Lowland Gorilla mesh are by JimmyzHoopz. Requires: MM and EA. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The Gorillaz Sign and Music Rocks have no zoopedia and the Tombstone is surrounded by alpine terrain when placed. Description: A celebration of the rock band Gorillaz this pack features all four members 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle as Entertainers for your zoo. It also adds a Gorillaz sign, a Sperm Whale (Massive Dick) display, Superfast Jellyfish display, a tombstone rock for temperate forest biomes, a zombie gorilla monkey-bar ride, the zombie (ghouley) gorilla animal, and six music rocks that play the music of Gorillaz. Screenshots: GORILLAZ! Entertaining the Guests Noodle Close Up ITEMS Gorillaz Sign Massive Dick (Sperm Whale) Hall Gorillaz Bars Tombstone Rock Music Rocks Plastic Beach Music Rock ANIMALS Superfast Jellyfish Display Zombie (Ghoulie) Gorillas Gorillaz Entertainment Pack.z2f
  15. Designer: Colonel Swampert Needs: EA Description: This pack features 6 new ratites: the Darwin's rhea, greater rhea, emu, Southern cassowary, Southern brown kiwi, and North Island giant moa. The pack also comes with a kiwi burrow. Reuploading here with creator's permission. Ratities Pack.z2f
  16. Designer: JVM and VNDragon Credits: AJ (base icons) Jurassic MT and DinosaurMan (mesh) Requires: EA Description: This chinese sauropod is one of the world largest titanosaurs ever, the same size with its relative Argentinosaurus. Reuploading here since the link at ZTDC is down. zzz_Ruyangosaurus.z2f
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  18. If you would like to help me with offering Steam game keys, please visit this referral link and : Earn (Faucets, Watch & Learn, Tasks & Surveys, and/or Affiliate Program) Play (Jumper and/or Minecraft) Bet (Roulette and/or NanoSquares) Spend (Gift Cards, Mobile Top-Ups, and/or Games) https://playnano.online/?ref=slg Everyone needs to understand that just clicking the link does not help. You need to do some activities on the site.
  19. Designers: Major League Designing Needs: MM, Penguinman's Biomeshell Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this file for preservation. Uploading with permission Includes: Crystal Hammerhead Crystal Biome zzzCrystal.z2f zzzzCrystalHammerhead.z2f
  20. lgcfm


    Designer: Xtremepieman Needs: None Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Avilope.z2f
  21. Designers: Major League Designing Needs: MM, EA, Penguinman's Biomeshell Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this file for preservation. Uploading with permission Includes: Galeocerdo Golden Hammerhead Pacific Bonnethead Procarcharodon Northern River Shark Prehistoric Sea Biome (thanks to Gibbon for pic) Shark-infested Waters Biome (thanks to Gibbon for pics) PacificBonnethead.z2f Prehistoric_Sea.z2f zzzGaleocerdo.z2f zzzNorthernRiverShark.z2f zzzProcarcharodon.z2f GoldenHammerhead.z2f Shark-infestedWaters.z2f
  22. Not anymore. Thanks for fixing it. 🙂
  23. Are you still having issues?
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  25. I have reported the issue.
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