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Spooky Room Of The Week - 11/10/10

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Week 11 Winner: Frightfest Has Begun!: kiviern04

Here is our first winner of the Frightfest Spooky Room Of The Week! I really liked this room because its simple and well put together! All the animals have joined her to celebrate the start of the Halloween season! And even had bats flying through the windows! Love it! Wonderful room hun! And congrats as its the first time you have entered Room Of The Week! xxxx

This week we want to see what your pets attic looks like during the spooky season, so its time for Spooky Attack In The Attic!

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Literally, when I saw this, i was jumping up and down....
My hubby and son thought they had to take me to a psych ward... LOL
All the rooms that were posted by all memebers were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you soooo much Gaiamaiden. .... i recieved my prizes....
Ok, now I am totally hooked
positive rep added for u Gaiamaiden....fo-shizzel

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