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i don't know whether this is a technical Q&A or not, else i've posted it in a wrong thread segment, but just want to query whether has anyone make any purchase from this website before..


they says purchase up to USD49 or above, FREE SHIPPING!!! cyclops what more can you ask for.. i noticed prices are quite reasonable kot compared to ebayar.. hmm

p/s: my intention is to seek opinion(not really that technical though), AND not to do promoting for this website or what-so-ever.. herewith seeking mods permission for this, else feel free to remove it.. arigatoOo gozaimus.. sunny

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If that can help members buying cheap Hotwheels why not.

To put matter straight its do kindda bit mess..yor questions is..we absolutely has no idea what the answer is ... only the said site mods/admin can answer yor questions.

If me i wonder if the free shipping apply to world over or to certain places and again sometime free shipping is not important..the most important whether yor purchase being covered. Say the items is lost..do they refund yor money or they will ship again the purchase car..all of which ..they the one can answer.

But my humble opinion is looking to the price hmm...most of the car.. a bit high..the shipping chargers already counting in into the car price.


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