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  1. waaAAaahh so jelly la.. why jusco don't take these laa..
  2. hahhh.. well, its too late now 2c see those on pegs/racks.. those 'people' has intel much faster than our streamyx, broadband, unifi alike..
  3. deymmm.. got oni d green & blue CLONE version.. missed d orange.. hopefully not gonna *blink eyes* d new awesome orange 2012 HeatFleet on pegs..
  4. saw this promo @my jusco.. hampeihhhh.. all d nice cars jgn harap will be on d pegs..
  5. strange AK-san.. just 2share my experience.. normally when we buy HW with free car, the promoter wouldn't allow cards with price tags as the freebie.. excuses given, all barcode tags has been key-in systemized and considered as sales count.. unfortunately for me on that day, they will sort out from case boxes with loads of pegwarmer models as 'the gift'.. bummer! huh.. today is definitely, double luck for you, I presumed..
  6. useful tips & quotes from TTPM, under types of claims.. observe items in bold red.. hiding/reserving/booking from the display pegs is considered ILLEGAL!!! Identify & report these outlets to TTPM.. baru padan muka derang insiders nihhhh.. eEee.. gerammm nye aku.. WHISTLEBLOWER! Spoiler: A consumer can lodge a claim with the Tribunal claiming for any loss suffered on any matter concerning his interests as a consumer under this Act arising from – a) A false or misleading conduct, false representation or unfair practice, that is - i) a misleading or deceptive conduct as to the type, manufacturing process, suitability for purpose, quality and quantity; ii) a misleading indication as to the price at which any goods or services are available; iii) offer of gift, prize or other free item with the intention of not providing it or not providing it as offered; iv) misleading claims such as 1) while stocks last; 2) goods are limited, etc. v) receiving payment for goods or services without the intention to supply; vi) future services contract in respect of services to be rendered on a continuous basis. some collectors put regular efforts to visits these places, without knowing all the good stuffs has been pre-booked.. just 2share my experience last year 2011.. a sales promoter whispered and shown eye signals to me saying he got t-hunts but he wants RM20 for it.. biar betol.. BIG TIME RASUAH tuh brader.. maybe these people already used to scalpers giving them this 'special incentives' to them sampai a mere collector pun they don't segan2 mintak.. haiya!
  7. deymm.. mcm Hollywood movies leplak.. all 4a cause of 1:64 metal diecast with plastics base.. peeEEEERRRRRGGGgghhh.. manusia2.. post his pix in forums.. sure all collectors will be on a lookout..
  8. report those culprits to the domestic tribunals!!! serves them right!!!
  9. AK-san, I SALUTE u! scores goodies & still thinks 4others! let us all do a campaign.. "FIGHT SCALPERS & INSIDERS! FIGHT 'EM HARD!!!"
  10. protonticon

    Today Haul

    bung fukun.. satu RX7 ya.. waduh2.. di sini lalu SUSAH bangat mau ketemu.. lebih2 lagi ya dengan competition yang amat hebat dari 'scalpers2' nya di sini..
  11. hi kk-san.. well done 2d famili.. btw, mebe it's my eyes.. i only c one $uperized chevelle, but u said 2.. which one is the other $uperized?
  12. remember sweaty sam & mikaela..? proclaimed to be limited to 2000 units worldwide ONLY.. ye rite..
  13. mushi~mushi.. i don't know whether this is a technical Q&A or not, else i've posted it in a wrong thread segment, but just want to query whether has anyone make any purchase from this website before.. Carminiatures.com they says purchase up to USD49 or above, FREE SHIPPING!!! what more can you ask for.. i noticed prices are quite reasonable kot compared to ebayar.. p/s: my intention is to seek opinion(not really that technical though), AND not to do promoting for this website or what-so-ever.. herewith seeking mods permission for this, else feel free to remove it.. arigatoOo gozaimus..
  14. uh huh.. dunno le.. in a kid's toy basket, scrambled here & there??? here what i got from Teletraan websites(compiled by true TF fans), maybe it can answers your questions.. checkitout.. http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Death dead & gone, wasiat, dead autobots, dead decepticons.. vavavoom-san, you're starting to give us goosebumps!!!
  15. never thought of the wasiat thingy though.. but my plan was to letgo when i want 2finance anew for different passion, alike a retiree kinda of a hobby.. hmmm.. as for the offer, it IS a very 'poisonous' offer there vavavoom-san.. haha it depends whether anyone here have the same passion as yours.. hmmm, i must say may be there are takers.. you can just list some of your stuffs that you wanna letgo and see how many of us here do 'grab' some of 'em.. too BAD you're not into TFs else i'll be the 1st in line to SCUFFLE & SNATCH 'em away.. haha
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