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Whoever has the last post loves David the most!!

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Well hello there people

Yea that was no fun
putting on freezing cold clothing
but we only have one baerau that's old and falling apart so it can't really hold much and we share it he has two drawers I have one
and we currently have no closet it fell apart and our landlord hasn't come down to fix it yet so all we have for now is a small temporary portable closet thingy that we put in the closet and obviously that can't hold alot so most of our clothes are in the sunroom for right now until we either a) get the damn closet in our bedroom fixed somehow or find some other solution to our problem and we have no heat in that room so it gets really cold in there this time of year which sucks cuz I got my PS2 out there and my little TV and I would spend alot more time in there than I do(which now is only enough time to find clothes each day if it wern't for the lack of heat out there we need to get a little space heater for out there for this time of year.

and on another totally unrealated note
You know your ass is awake way too early when you have like a million channels and there's nothing to watch on TV yet

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