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Asiatic Black Bear & Addax

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Designers: horse14t
Credits: Jntg4 (English Translation) and Silesian Tomcat.
Special thanks to:  Lgcfm, John, and DinoRexChris12753 for helping me with bug fixes
Original Creator: Blue Fang
Requires: Zoo Tycoon 2 and Endangered Species
Public Domain: Yes
Language: English
Bugs: None known (please message me if you find any!)
Description: The Asiatic Black Bear and Addax were downloadable animals originally made by Blue Fang.
Mirror Download
Hashtags: #ZooTycoon2 #AsiaticBlackBear #OfficialZooTycoonAnimals #Addax #Downloads #OfficialDownloads

Edit Aug 15, 2017:
Added Bone Enrichment item
Added Stuffed Prey Dummy Enrichment item
Updated install instructions.
Special thanks to SLGray for helping with coding

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