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Tree Planting Drones Plant 1000's Of Saplings

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Imagine this on a possible, future worldwide scale ! 

Millions of acres of degraded landscapes can be brought back to life thanks to these drones.

A tech company called BioCarbon Engineering has been using the flying robots to plant trees on a massive scale. The drones, which were developed by an ex-NASA engineer, are designed to fire off pre-germinated seed pods into the ground.

The drones have been shown to plant trees exponentially faster than locals being forced to plant them by hand, and the method is far cheaper than traditional planting methods.

Full Story & Video Here


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Well, it might be hard work and bad working coniditions, but do the locals have another way to make money?

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I found this Here

The project in Myanmar is all about community development and enabling people to care for trees, providing them with jobs, and making environmental restoration in a way that it’s profitable for people.

The forest didn’t vanish by itself — the forest was cut down by local people.

We train local people to be drone pilots, and they want that. They want to be in IT. They want to process data, they want to fly drones, they want to do agroforestry, they want to do regenerative agriculture, they want to create vertical farms, they want to do all this cool stuff. It’s not the ambition to be a seedling planter for $1 a day.

So the drone project isn’t just helping the forests themselves, but the local communities too by helping provide new economic opportunities.

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Ok.  After I posted, I did look at the story again and noticed that locals were being trained to use the drones.

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