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(Solved) : Forums, Clubs & Collaboration Groups

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As I have a forum - obviously I know what one is - however, on the Forumsclub home page it has this:

Browse through the clubs, forums, collaboration groups, - this gives the impression that these are three different things that can be created , (I noticed that 'blogs' are not included here for some reason) - could you please explain what the clubs and collab groups are please ?

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Bonjour @NanDee

ForumsClub offers you the possibility to host your community in the form of a Club or Forum. Although relatively close, the Club and the Forum remain different. 

  • Club: A new way to create advanced communities. Whether open, closed or private, the Club is distinguished by its simplified structure. 
  • Collabs : All the possibilities of a modern hierarchical forum with public or private sections, group management, permissions, downloads, albums or even questions and answers.

Having noticed the lack of interest of the community towards the Clubs, we have kept on ForumsClub only the Collabs that you will find here

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