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Little House On The Prairie

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Based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's series of "Little House" books, this drama series revolved around the 1870s adventures of the Ingalls family -- father Charles, mother Caroline, eldest daughter Mary, middle daughter/narrator Laura and youngest daughter Carrie -- who owned a farm in Walnut Grove, Minn., during the late 1800s, and the daughters all attended school where they were annoyed by bratty Nellie Oleson. As the years went on, Mary lost her eyesight and moved away to teach at a school for the blind, and the Ingalls family moved to the Dakota territory --and back. Laura met Almanzo Wilder, a man who would ultimately become her husband. During the ninth and final season, Charles and Caroline sold their farm and moved away, leaving Laura and Almanzo in Walnut Grove.
First episode date: 11 September 1974
Final episode date: 21 March 1983
No. of episodes: 204 (+ 4 specials) (list of episodes)
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Did they not change the name for the last 2 years?

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I tried googling this to find out but nothing came up and I don't recall them changing the name.

According to the info - Charles and Caroline sell their farm and move away during the final season - now I don't recall that, so perhaps I somehow missed the last season or two or maybe they weren't shown over here for some reason.

I remember Mary going blind and Laura marrying Almanzo - can't remember which season's those events happened in though.

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That made quite interesting reading:

Seems you were correct about the 'Renaming' - Little House: A New Beginning (season nine). 

Also, while I remember the adoption of 'Albert' - he is the only addition to the family that I remember, nor do I recall the child who died as an infant.

I don't remember any of this either:

When Michael Landon decided to leave the show (though he stayed on as executive producer and occasional writer and director), season nine was renamed, the focus was put on the characters of Laura and Almanzo, and more characters were added to the cast. A new family, the Carters (Stan Ivar as John, Pamela Roylance as Sarah, Lindsay Kennedy as older son Jeb, and David Friedman as younger son Jason), move into the Ingalls house. Meanwhile, Almanzo and Laura take in their niece, Jenny Wilder, when Almanzo's brother dies and raise her alongside their daughter, Rose. The Wilders appear prominently in some episodes, while in others they appear only in early scenes used to introduce the story or its characters. The explanation given for the original characters' absence was that they moved to Burr Oak, Iowa, to pursue a promising life. The show lost viewers, and this version of the series was canceled after one season. However, the show lived on for another 1.5 years in movie format.

The cancellation of the series after only one season will probably explain it.

Something else I never knew - that Micheal Landon had been executive producer and occasional writer and director - and also that :

Some of the episodes written by Michael Landon were recycled storylines from ones that he had written for Bonanza. Season two's "A Matter of Faith" was based on the Bonanza episode "A Matter of Circumstance"; season five's "Someone Please Love Me" was based on the Bonanza episode "A Dream To Dream"; season seven's "The Silent Cry" was based on the Bonanza episode "The Sound of Sadness"; season eight's "He Was Only Twelve" was based on the Bonanza episode "He Was Only Seven"; and season nine's "Little Lou" was based on the Bonanza episode "It's A Small World".

Bonanza was also a favorite program of mine - guess I just never made the connection :)

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Do you mean the infant of Laura that died?  She blamed the doctor in the episode, and he was about to leave town before they made up.

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